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PVC Twist Wrap Film

PVC Twist Wrap Film

RMCL manufactures a range of high quality PVC twist wrap films. These films are completely non-toxic and find wide application in the confectionery industry where they are given preference over cellophane and other types of films. They are available in unprinted and printed both in Roll and Reel Form.

Available in Transparent PVC, Metallised PVC, Pigmented/Colored PVC, Gold Lacquered, Window and Strip Metallised PVC.


•Static Free
•Twist Retention
•High tensile and tear strength
•Cold Twist film which saves cost of heating and cooling energy
•Inexpensive as compared to cellophane, Bopp, Polyester or other films
•Excellent aesthetic appeal
•Excellent printability on Gravure and Flexo Machines


Wide application in gift articles, cosmetics, confectionery wrappings, ready made garments etc

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