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Speciality Films

5 Layered Barrier & Non- Barrier Film

RMCL manufactures a high performance 5 layer barrier film using machinery from Dolci of Italy. This film finds extensive application in the food industry. The film is highly transparent, tough and offers features like printability, sealability and very high gloss. Films are produced through coextrusion, using raw materials such as PA, EVOH, LLDPE, LDPE, PP. It offers good hot tack, fast sealing speed and excellent thermoforming.


•Longer shelf life
•Total insulation from external contaminants and pathogenic agents
•Excellent display on the retail counter
•Perfect mechanical properties
•Suitable for automatic packaging machines
•Peelable if required
•Can be printed up to 10 colors


Food packaging: Snacks foods, Confectionery, Cereals Tea & Coffee, Salami and sausages, Noodles, Baked products, Fish and meat, Edible oil - Sterilisable packaging: Ready to eat food and Medical Devices

EVOH based Films

EVOH based 5 Layer films have excellent process ability and outstanding barrier properties. The key to this balance is the unique combination of the proper co-polymerisation ratio of ethylene to vinyl alcohol, the carefully selected degree of polymerisation and the unique proprietary manufacturing process used in the production of EVOH copolymers. These unique polymers are Blown in a 5 layer film process.


Suited for food, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural and industrial packaging and automotive applications.

Nylon based Films

Nylon based 5 layer films are used to deliver an enhanced barrier function. This film combines the properties of excellent mechanical strength, good abrasion and puncture resistance, transparency, oxygen, chemical and aroma barrier.


Suited for spices, fruit juice, detergents, toothpaste packages, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides packaging.

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