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Offset Printed Cartons and Liner Cartons

Offset Printed Cartons and Liner Cartons

RMCL today offers a wide range of printed, plain and liner cartons. It also has the production facilities to create tailor made cartons for diverse industries as well.

It can create food or non- food packaging cartons and offers plain cartons in ready sizes or as a bespoke item. Range includes standard cartons, standard mailers, 2 piece lid and base, corrugated and fluted boxes, flat pack lid, reverse tuck in end style, straight tuck in cartons etc.


RMCL employs the most efficient carton making machines in the industry like Planeta 6 color super variant and a 4 color Man-Roland offset printing machine to print high quality paper boxes. These boxes are then further processed on equally efficient punching and gluing machines from Bobst and Vega respectively.

For liner pasting it has a liner pasting machine from Heiber + Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH


•Made from material from board supplied by selected paper mills
•Extremely durable
•Highly functional
•Very convenient
•Various lid / closure options
•Multi use •Cost effective
•Easy to assemble


•Food Packaging - direct and indirect contact
•Pharmacuetical Packaging - industry standard sizes, tablet cartons and white standard
•Printed & Plain Cartons - for a variety of retail and product packaging

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