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Lamination Films

Lamination Films

Lamination film has today become a very convenient option to various convertors. It is in fact considered to be most suitable for flexible packaging of food materials. What is attractive about it is that, tailor made structures can be made available to suit every customers individual requirements.

RMCL lamination film range includes:

• 5 layered Films
• 4 Layered Films
• 3 Layered Films
• Cast Films
• Heat-Sealable OPP Films
• Easy-Peal Films

What is unique about RMCL's manufacturing technique is that it has capabilities to produce high barrier conventional 3 layered film made by a 5 layered process. It also has unique solutions to replace non-recyclable laminated structures with recyclable poly based structures for various applications. RMCL formulates and manufactures these films in house and they are then sold to various convertors for their respective applications.


•Ultra thin layer distribution
•Precise gauge control with minimum variation of thickness
•Treated surface
•Structured as per customers requirements
•Gives excellent sealing and lamination properties
Available in thickness range 25 to 200 microns and width upto 1400 mm


•Processed & Snack Foods
•Marine Products
•Dry Fruits & Spices
•Detergent Powder
- Or any other type of Film, tailor made to your needs

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