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Coated Films

Coated Films

RMCL offers a range of coated film products that provide excellent surface properties for a variety of applications. The excellent surface treatments along with the superior polyester film base result in coated film products that are high in quality and deliver enhanced performance. Customized product solutions are also available.


Coated with PVDC on single/double side

RMCL offers excellent PVDC coated films which provide superior barrier properties. Taking PET / BOPP film as the base it coats these with a high quality PVDC. Production is undertaken in a highly controlled environment to ensure that the products meet international standards. This product offers barrier properties that are 5 times higher than common PVC.


•Excellent aroma protection
•Excellent gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) barrier
•Superior mechanical strength
•Superior printability. Excellent transparency


•Suitable for base film of soft packing
•Perfume packaging with aroma protection
•Food (e.g. cake, coffee and chocolate) packaging
•Cosmetics packaging

Release Film

PET or BOPP one side coated with silicone

RMCL offers an excellent range of silicone coated substrates with outstanding release properties. During manufacturing it ensures extremely good curing of the silicone layer on the PET / BOPP film which minimizes the issue of back side transfer. The silicone system is extremely well anchored to the film surface.

The release force of the film fits most standard adhesives but customised production from easy to tight release can be done.


•Ultra thin and highly clear coating
•High transparency
•High gloss
•Minimum silicone rub-off
•Good flexibility
•Even coating layer without air bubble or pin holes
•Low warp in thickness
•Low heat shrinkable rate
•No static induced defects


•Release liner for pressure sensitive labels
•Release liner for shingle release
•Release liner for cast polymer materials
•Process liner for adhesive tape manufacturing
•Release film in electronic applications
•Process liner where a separation is needed during processing or storage
•Release liner in the production of ceramic capacitors

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