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Lami Tubes

Lami Tubes

Collapsible tubes have evolved with changing packaging needs. RMCL today has an excellent portfolio catering to the tubes market. It manufactures wide specifications range depending on the end-use. It also manufactures white and silver colored laminate for the tubes. These are then UV printed with high quality graphics.

Manufacturing facility

RMCL has installed a Tandem (Double) Extrusion coating machine from S M Corp of Korea to produce collapsible tubes in one pass. Both the T-Dies are automatically controlled using sophisticated electronics and monitoring devices. In conventional extrusion coating machine, the edges are thicker and have to be removed causing wastages. The RMCL machine is equipped with internal deckling system on both dies resulting in lower material wastage.


•Ideal barriers for products needing maximum protection & shelf life
•Tubes Retain their original shape for the life of the product
•Easy to use
•Photo quality graphics are possible


•Pharmaceutical packaging
•Personal Care products
•Household products
•Industrial products
•Food products

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