Printed Laminated Packaging

RMCL produces a wide range of custom designed film and foil based laminate structures for flexible packaging applications. These laminates are combinations of different or similar films designed to optimise the mechanical and functional properties of each single film. When these films are glued together with an adhesive they act together to multiply the performance of the individual films. The adhesives used are typically solvent free but can be solvent, water, UV, extrusion or hotmelt systems.



Printed laminates for medicines
RMCL offers an innovative range of laminated and extrusion coated packaging solutions for hygiene, healthcare and medical applications. It has a complete range of substrates, polymers, co-extrusion capabilities, printing and finishing possibilities. It can also offer tailor made products as per the nature of the drug which provides protection and also keeps the potency and shelf life of the product intact.

Its range comprises of-
•Flexible printed laminates - a wide range of custom designed film and foil based laminate structures, printed in upto 9 colour high quality process, for primary packaging of medicines, tablets, oral dehydration powder etc
•Dry/solvent-less/ water based adhesive laminates - for wide range of applications where high bond or solvent free environment is desired.


Extrusion coated laminates
A wide range of packaging, printing and finishing solutions using a combination of paper, board, film, aluminium foil etc. These laminates provide an extremely good and reliable barrier against moisture, light, oxygen, grease, odours and gas diffusion. Used within the food industry, pharma & health care industry, pet food industry, household & chemical industry and many high barrier applications.


Thermoformable printed laminates
RMCL produces innovative, high-quality thermoformable film laminates for the snacks and pick off the shelf products. These packaging concepts have an appealing design and attractive presentation. They ensure a long product shelf life, have a high puncture resistance, ensure easy opening and simple handling.

Cost-effective.Variety of sealing types. Excellent gloss and clarity Can be surface printed with random or continuous print

High quality retail applications and food service applications

Its range comprises of-
PVC + PE printed laminates
This is a specially laminated film with PVC and PE material. Also called as a barrier film it is often used for food container application where sealing with a peelable PE is required. It provides a higher oxygen and water barrier than standard PVC film.

Application: Clamshells, Blisters, Thermoform packaging, Pharmaceutical packaging


PET + PE printed laminates
This is a composite film made up of PET- film and PE- film, applied by lamination. PET film can be reverse printed or surface printed and the PE film can be selected to offer the desired performance properties such as peelability or modified to have high hot tack, etc. The film can be printed up to 8 colors.

Top films for rigid thermoformed containers, vacuum pouches, etc.


BON + Aluminium + PE printed laminates
This is a special high barrier laminate created from BON ( Bi-axially Oriented Nylon ) film, with excellent oxygen and aroma barrier properties, but it is a poor water vapour barrier. BON is much stiffer than cast nylon film, but cannot be thermoformed.


Printed laminates for food and beverages
RMCL offers various kinds of flexible packaging with combinations of various materials like polyester film, aluminium foil, paper, BOPP, LDPE, cellophane etc without / with printing up to 9 colours. It also offers reverse printed film laminates. It manufactures laminated rolls, pouches, wrappers, labels, HMA coated soap wrappers, surface printed co-ex films etc. RMCL uses gravure or flexo technology for printing and solvent based, solvent less, water based or extrusion coating technology for lamination. It also has exclusive tie-ups with cylinder engravers. It can offer printing of the highest quality, perfect registration and vibrant colour reproduction.

•Offers excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen, light and grease •Efficient performance on high-speed packaging lines
•Impressive printing results create powerful branding and recognition •Extremely convenient and user-friendly
•High-barrier laminates for optimal product protection

High quality retail applications and food service applications


The highlights of its offering are:
•Central Impression Flexo Printed laminates
•Roto-Gravure Printed laminates
•Wax/ Hot Melt coated laminates
•In-register Cold Seal coated laminates
•In-register 4 panel pouches for beverage packaging

RMCL has a battery of Roto Gravure printing machine from Europe and Korea at both its Daman and Rudrapur locations. It also has two C I Flexo presses from Europe, Metalliser, Tandem Extrusion coating machine, series of Laminating machines and a fleet of high end pouching machines from Europe and Taiwan.