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Research & Development

Research & Development

The changing world of packaging is constantly posing exciting new challenges. Packaging function though important, has now ceded way to innovation in packaging design and delivery. Innovation in fact, is the key to offering satisfying answers to the fast evolving demands of customers the world over.

It is imperative therefore, that we at RMCL understand the implications of a dynamic market and its customers, and come forth with the answers before the questions are even asked.

To accomplish this RMCL has identified and emphasized R&D as one of the key growth components. It is investing in setting up a truly world class, state- of- the- art R & D center. The center is equipped with the best in research technology equipment and is manned by an intelligent think tank of technocrats who are seriously clued into customer trends, habits, buying patterns, usage etc.

From the assimilation, analysis and intelligent application of this data, RMCL plans to widen and add more value to its packaging solutions portfolio.

The center will also serve as a knowledge hub where RMCL will undertake compatibility studies for various Pharma and Food products as a stand alone business activity. RMCL is already in discussion with various Laboratories in Europe for probable collaboration.

The ultimate motive being, to pioneer new product development capabilities and offer all its customers a clear edge with efficient and high tech packaging solutions.

  • Products are manufactured applying the most recent technology and in compliance with international safety and hygiene standards.
  • HACCP Certifications in place.
  • Production facilities in accordance with GMP standards.
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