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MOPVC, MOPET Shrink Film

MOPVC, MOPET Shrink Film


RMCL manufactures a high-grade MOPVC shrink film which provides the packaging market an extremely cost-effective and attractive alternative to directly printing on bottles. This film helps make beverage bottles smart and colourful and they allow a variety of customized looks along with a standardization of the containers, which further cuts costs. This is a first of its kind project in India. RMCL has invested in the highly advanced Tentre Frame Technology brought from DMT of France. Using Tentre Frame the thickness variation of the film is extremely less and hence it makes it printable with multicolored and attractive designs.

• Perfect shrinkage
• High-impact strength
• Brilliant clarity
• High-resolution graphics
• Gauge uniformity
• Gravure, flexo, digital, or rotary offset printable


Suitable for all types of bottles, cups, trays and containers


PET sheets manufactured on our Reifenhauser calendar machine is further stretched on Tenter Frame to manufacture high quality shrink film. These films shrink up to 65% in Tranverse direction compared to approximately 58% shrinkage for MOPVC films.

MOPET film is also preferred over PVC film because they can be recycled along with PET bottles without causing contamination.

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