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BOPP Wrap & Twist Wrap

BOPP Films

RMCL offers all grades of Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films that are very popular because of the unique combination of properties they offer such as shrinkage, stiffness, transparency, sealability, twist retention and barrier. This film is stretched in both the machine direction (MD) and across machine direction (AMD) and has superior strength at low gauges, flatness, clarity and excellent printability.

RMCL offers grades like print lamination grade 8 micron to 20 micron films in glossy, matte, pearl finish also thermal lamination films along with adhesive tape & garment bag grades.

It also offers label and flexible packaging grades Heat Sealable Corona Treated 15 to 60 micron films. RMCL has installed 6400 mm Dornier machine from Germany.


•Flexible packaging
•Pressure sensitive tape
•Printing and lamination
•Flower sleeves
•Cable wrap and insulation

RMCL can offer the following

•Thin films for adhesive lamination
•Printable grades
•Heat sealable grades
•White opaque/Pearliest Films
•Metallised Films

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