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Pvdc Coated Blister

RMCL manufactures a range of multilayered, high quality and high performance structures for a variety of applications. These structures are created from an optimized combination of polymeric films and aluminium foil to offer the best barrier properties.

Duplex Structures

RMCL utilises an advanced coating technology to produce a two-layer PVDC coated PVC structure which offer medium barrier protection against moisture and gas.


•Good water vapour and oxygen barrier
•Cost-effective high barrier blister film
•Excellent processability
•Excellent lay-flat properties
•Enhanced machine performance
•Runs on all standard PVC-tooling
•Higher Yield
•Higher bond strength between the layers


This structure is ideal for thermoformed blister packaging of pharmaceutical tablets & capsules.

Triplex Structures

RMCL has an advanced coating technology to produce a Triplex PVC/PVdC/PVC symmetrical structure offering an ultra high degree of barrier to moisture, gas and aroma.


•High barrier properties
•Improved lay flatness
•Brilliant clarity for transparent blisters
•Designed for higher performance on packaging lines
•Excellent thermoforming properties and mechanical stability
•Thermoforms in the same temperature range as PVC mono film


This structure is the internationally accepted PVC/PE/PVdC film suitable for sensitive medicines. WHO recommends these blister films for packaging of medicines meant for global distribution, particularly in tropical zones. Ideal for use in packing of Anti-tubercular drugs, Anti-diabetics, Lozenge formulations, enzyme preparations and more.


RMCL manufactures a multilayered cold-formable aluminium based blister structure (ALU ALU) using the latest state of the art machinery imported from Italy. This structure is an optimized combination of aluminium foil and polymeric films, with the aluminium layer sandwiched between an inner heat sealable polymeric film and outer supportive malleable film. Available in both unprinted and printed strip foil as per customers requirements with different foil thickness and heat seal lacquer grammage.


•Provides a 100 % barrier against water vapor, gases, light etc
•Has excellent formability
•Provides a high degree of thermal stability
•Highly malleable facilitates deep draw blister cavities
•Excellent aesthetic appeal
•Sealable with normal VMCH based Aluminium foil
•Provides effective anti counterfeit packaging
•Standard product range for sensitive drugs
•Standard colour options are gold and silver


RMCL ALU-ALU caters to the packaging of a range of very sensitive, highly hygroscopic or light sensitive pharmaceutical and generic medicines which cannot be suitably packed with other barrier plastic films.

Manfacturing Facility

RMCL has the sixth largest manufacturing facility in the world and the largest on the sub-continent, focused exclusively on the production of PVdC coated blister film. It uses technology imported from Pagendarm of Germany and has invested in setting up a 4 station coating machinery. The advantage of this technology is that it uses a single operation to manufacture the product. This ensures that the finished product is virtually untouched and uninterrupted in the manufacturing process, leading to the elimination of virtually any chances of contamination.

Facilities are USFDA, HACCP, BRC approved and ISO 22000 certified.

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