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    The Company is one of the leading Company in India in Flexible Packaging.
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    The Company is one of the leading Company in India in Flexible Packaging.

Welcome! Radha Madhav Corporation Ltd.

Radha Madhav Corporation Limited (RMCL). Perhaps the Asian subcontinents fastest growing multi material, multi process, multi product packaging solutions provider.

A company that is rapidly adapting itself to the national and international demands of the packaging industry and is transforming itself into an R& D-driven polymer and chemical packaging company. With a blue chip, multinational as well as domestic client list, RMCL is now transforming itself from being only a manufacturer of packaging materials and is emerging as a packaging consultant capable of providing customized packaging and printing solutions, as well as cost –effective solutions in a technology intensive business.

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We aim to be a global Packaging Company with Multi-Technologies, Multi-Products Multi-Processes, Multi-Materials “expertise” to address the challenging consumer market.

We aim not to restrict ourselves to only manufacturing of packaging products, but rather work towards development of new products, their applications and provide holistic solutions in the arena of packaging.

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Packaging Design Services

Packaging Design and Development Services Solutions across major market segments, including: wine and beverage, fruit & produce, meat, seafood and poultry, grocery and market channels, specializing in retail and sustainable packaging.

Packaging Testing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of service and tests including controlled environment transport simulation testing, FEA modeling, pilot pulp, paper making and corrugator line, NATA Certified testing to AS Standards, Creep and Compression testing, Forensics analysis, controlled environment testing, LCA analysis, dangerous goods testing.

Packaging Machinery Systems

Together with a network of alliance partners, we can supply best of breed packaging equipment and full systems. We are able to deliver superior solutions for carton loading, case erecting, case packing, robotics, materials handling and automation, palletisation, stretch wrapping identification and traceability and turn key project management services.

Pre press Services

Services include graphic design and manufacture of Flexographic printing plates.

Leading manufacturing concern of
Flexible Packaging

The Company has Strong demand, multi production facilities, excellent marketing network, established strong clientele in the domestic market ensure a good prospects for the company.

The company sources the best quality materials and sincerely practices good Good 'Quality Management' which has helped to consolidate the effective costs. Therefore, the company can offer its products at a very attractive & competitive prices.

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